Comprehensive A-Z Service, Non-stop Selling

Moving on can be emotional and stressful. Our professional process makes selling a lifetime of belongings or a few special items effortless.



Customers view your items every day


10 Days

Until your items sell



Dedicated team members pick up your items, take pictures, inventory them, and pay you when they sell

Our Unique Approach

  • Multi-faceted selling: Every step of our process is designed to have thousands of people view your items in just a few days.
  • Pickup is included: Our team will visit your home and collect your items. They are inventoried and you receive an account to see when your items sell!
  • Online and in-person: We are the only company that gives your items the exposure they need by marketing your items to online buyers and in-store visitors.
  • Auction and buy-now: Your items are expertly priced at a high buy-now price. They are simultaneously offered on auction to capture both types of buyers. This ensures two things: To get the most for an item and for all items to sell!
  • Ten Days: On average it only takes ten days to sell your items.
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In just ten days your house can be a lot cleaner and your wallet can be a lot heavier.
Our team take cares of every part of the process for you and gets you the price you deserve.


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You tell us your unique situation and we create a sales process that is best for you.



We schedule your sale, inventory & pick up.


The offers come in

Whether online or in person, visitors see and bid on or buy your item.


Your item sells

We pay you the largest part of the proceeds. It’s the best & simplest way.